What is the MSA?

The Muslim Students’ Association at Western University, works toward fostering an inclusive environment for all individuals on campus, who are either interested in strengthening their Muslim identity or interested in learning about Islam.

Western MSA is the largest faith-based association on campus and we are one of the most active clubs on campus. The MSA hosts a variety of events and programs, including Islamic lectures (ie. Halaqas), athletic activities, weekly Friday congregational prayers (ie. Jummah), career development workshops, inter/multi-faith events, along with social and humanitarian events. Our events attract a diverse crowd of students and according to the type of event hosted, attendance can range from 30-500 persons. Examples of previously hosted events include: community dinners, paintball trips, Welcome Week (a week dedicated to introducing new Muslim students to the Western community), lecture series, professional trainings and workshops, and the list can go on!

The MSA also works closely with Western University and the USC (University Students’ Council) in providing and maintaining prayer and multi-faith spaces that will allow students to conveniently practice religion and spirituality on campus.

The programs, events and services provided by Western MSA are conducive to creativity, leadership, excellence and professionalism to empower students to reach their potential: physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually.

The purpose of the MSA is to assist in improving the Muslim student experience at Western University and to empowering students to build a stronger and prosperous community for the future.

In order to aid in eliminating negative misconceptions about Islam and false perceptions about Muslims, Western MSA is constantly raising awareness about Islam through events such as Islam Awareness Week.

In addition to serving its local Muslim community, Western MSA also serves a global cause by sponsoring orphans in developing countries. Currently, the MSA also acts to raise money by organizing a variety of initiatives in order to sustain annual funds for orphans around the world.

If you are interested in registering as a paid member, you can register online by paying via credit card here.(Link will be available during Clubs Week in early September)

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