Past Events

Discussion: Islam & Nationalism (MSA – TMA)

What is nationalism? Which nation(s) do you identify with? Can you be a Muslim and patriotic about your nation-state at the same time? Ever since the rise of nation-states after the renaissance, Muslims have been asking themselves these questions. These are questions that have not yet been addressed adequately either, thus most Muslims have been…

Fall Formal Dinner

The Western MSA is very excited to invite you all to the first fundraising dinner of the 2017-18 school year! On November 19th come out and enjoy great food and recognized speakers, as well as a chance to reconnect with your brothers and sisters in the MSA! Tickets are only $15 for members, and $20…

Exploring Surat Al-Fatiha Tafsir (Exegesis) Session

Join us this Sunday for a very beneficial and spiritual Tafsir session lead by Sheikh Adnan Rajeh. We will be exploring Surat Al-Fatiha, its meanings, and significance in hopes of gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Holy Qur’an. Facebook Event

Discussion: Islam and Science

Is Islam compatible with science? Is scientific progress hindered by religion? How have Muslims, past and present, contributed to scientific advancements? What might be some obstacles Muslim countries face at the forefront of scientific research? These are some of the questions we hope to discuss in our third installment of the discussion series. We look…

Discussion: Muslim Societies & Gender

The second installment of the Discussion Series is here! This Tuesday, we will be discussing what Muslims think and feel about gender in our societies, communities, and social groups. Many Muslims find themselves at odds with Islam’s teachnigs about gender equality and roles. How should men and women behave in Islam? To what extent does…

Discussion: Islam & Liberalism

The first installment of the MSA Discussion Series is here! This Tuesday, we will be discussing modern liberalism and its compatibility with Islam. Oftentimes young Muslims in the West find themselves confused about what their attitude should be towards Western liberalism. In particular, Muslims who have immigrated to the West tend to come from more…

Welcome BBQ

Don’t miss out on our grand finale event – MSA’s Welcome BBQ – a great end to a great week. Tickets are $5 exclusively for members!* *Tickets will be sold higher to non-members at a price of $8

Welcome Week

Welcome Week has arrived! Western MSA is thrilled to roll out a jam-packed week of exciting events! Monday, September 25th Annual General Meeting 5:30PM to 7:30PM, SSC 2024 Come out to officially meet the MSA, our new chaplain, execs, members, and the rest of our community here on campus P.S. FREE PIZZA for all of…

Café & Games Night

The week’s almost over, and you deserve a well-earned break. Unwind with your friends over a cool cup of juice and a relaxing game of cards. Stress? Gone.

Capture The Flag

Ready to bring back your childhood memories and meet new people while you fight them for a flag? (Best way to make friends tbh) Join us on UC Hill for a fun game of Capture the Flag!