Our Execs (2018/19)

Aziza Mohamadhossen


Program: Medical Sciences + French Studies
Overseeing Committees: Directors of Affiliate Colleges, Prayer Room Directors, Friday Prayer Directors
Email: president@westernmsa.com

Wafiq Syed

Executive VP

Program: Medical Sciences + Computer Sciences
Overseeing Committees: Orphan Sponsorship Committee (OSC), Speaker of Council
Email: communication@westernmsa.com

Sara Raza

VP Finance

Program: Business at Ivey (HBA)
Overseeing Committees: Finance committee, Merchandise Committee
Email: finance@westernmsa.com

Nada Elkelani

VP Communication

Program: Computer Sciences
Overseeing Committees: Marketing Committee, Merchandise Committee
Email: communication@westernmsa.com

Sulman Zahid

VP Internal

Program: Medical Sciences
Overseeing Committees: Islamic Education Committee (IEC)
Email: communication@westernmsa.com

Ramsha Ansari

VP Social (Sisters)

Program: Nursing
Overseeing Committees: Social Committee (Sisters)

Mohtaseem Rahman

VP Brothers

Program: Medical Sciences
Overseeing Committees: Social Committee (Brothers), Mentorship- Muslims For Humanity (MFH)
Email: social@westernmsa.com

Muhammad Uzair Khalid

VP Public Relations

Program: Medical Sciences
Overseeing Committees: Islam Awareness Month (IAM - formerly known as IAW), Leadership- Muslims For Humanity
Email: communication@westernmsa.com

Omar Mahboob

Chief Returning Officer

Program: Medical Sciences
Email: communication@westernmsa.com