Halal Food

Halal Food On Campus

Main Campus
FreshEast by Paramount(CentreSpot)
CentreSpot’s Frozen Entrees
CentreSpot Freezer
Pita Pit – University Gates on Richmond Street
Grocery Checkout – UCC Basement
King’s College
Grill Works
Wemple Cafe(By request only)
Brescia College
Brescia Cafeteria
Mercato Residence(Chicken only)

Halal Restaurants 

All restaurants listed are alcohol-free environments, have a full halal menu, and are certified halal with a visible certification or are owned by Muslims that confirm their menus are halal.
243 Wharncliffe Road North
T: 519.204.6703
1149 Western Road
T: 519.850.8080
551 Richmond Street
T: 519.850.4111
Chester’s Chicken & Fish
771 Southdale Road East
T: 519.471.1100
Dooly’s Shawarma & Falafel
1345 Huron Street
T: 519.455.2000
Friday’s Pita Bakery Inc
332 Wellington Road
T: 519.435.1661
Good For You
301 Oxford Street West
T: 519.675.0000
Karoon(Formerly Tehran)
500 Oxford Street West
T: 519.472.9292
Laziz Bakery & Pizzeria
1770 Ernest Avenue
T: 519.685.1416
Noor’s Shawarma and Variety
844 Wonderland Road South
T: 519.474.1590
225 Wonderland Road North
T: 519.204.0424
Paramount Fine Foods
769 Southdale Road
T: 519.668.1800
Pita Pita
456 Wharncliffe Road South
T: 519.672.0068
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen(South)
840 Wellington Road
T: 519.601.7400
Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen(Argyle)
1905 Dundas Street
T: 519.204.6921
Sahara Grill
254 Dundas Street
T: 519.601.2647
Shawarma Pita Place
1104 Adelaide Street North
T: 519.667.0000
Shawarma Shop
100 Wharncliffe Road South
T: 519.601.6106
Shiraz Grill
169 Wharncliffe Road South
T: 519.432.0111
The Shish Bakery and Sweets
1401 Ernest Avenue
T: 519.685.3474
Sultan Pizza
260 Blue Forest Drive
T: 519.474.1400
Western Pizza
243 Wharncliffe Road South
T: 519.858.9222

Halal Meat Shops

574 Adelaide Street North
T: 519.434.3435
Aladdin’s Foods
611 Wonderland Road
T: 519.474.7750
Alforat Market & Meat Shop
699 Wilkins Street
T: 519.601.8777
Desi Point
458 Southdale Road East
T: 519.963.5052
Westmount Halal Food Store
490 Wonderland Road South
T: 519.473.0550