TBH: What is a Moderate Muslim?

The question “What is a Moderate Muslim?” has been asked, discussed, and defined many times over in the media, lecture halls, and debate stages. People have told Muslims what it means to be moderate, how they should be moderate, or whether they are moderate for years now–yet oddly enough, Muslims, especially Muslim youth, have seldom had the opportunity to define for themselves how they live their lives.


On October 6th, there will be no pulpit, podium, or speaker. Instead, we will be having an open discussion where students can discuss amongst themselves the challenges of the Muslim experience today. Come out to the first instalment of our discussion series. We will be tackling the issue of what it means to be a moderate Muslim. Have your voice heard and hear from the voices of your friends and peers. Together, maybe we can figure something out.


Come out October 6th at 6PM in UCC 60.


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