TBH: How to Improve the Western MSA

Where would you like to see the MSA go? How far has the MSA come? And how has the MSA done this year?


The discussion series was built as a vehicle to analyze, deconstruct, and solve the issues in our community. This instalment of the discussion series, one of our final ones, will discuss the institution of the MSA itself, and how we can improve it. We’ll be focusing on action and vision–it won’t just be talk. Though, like all our discussions, there will be plenty of opportunity for that.


We’ll also be touching on larger problems within the Muslim community, but the focus will remain on the Western MSA.


So come out to our discussion on this Tuesday, March 21st, from 6-8, in UCC 59. All of the MSA execs will be present–though it will be lead by the same discussion team.


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