TBH: End the Stigma, Mental Health Workshop

Mental illness is one of the most wide spread and damaging public health issues of contemporary society. It is also one of the most misunderstood, and under-addressed.


The Muslim community, largely one of immigrant backgrounds, is especially impacted by these problems. Our youth struggle with the problems others do, but also face a climate of Islamophobia and the difficulties of first and second generation immigrant life. Yet discussion and education on this topic is scarce.


Come out to a special instalment of our discussion series on Thursday, February 16th. We will be having Dr. Makhdoom, a trained psychiatrist, who will be discussing how to deal with issues of mental health within a Muslim and Islamic context. We will also be having Sr. Selma Tobah as guest speaker, and our very own chaplain, Br. Omar Sallam.


This series will run more like a workshop, but retain the interactivity and open atmosphere of our previous discussions.


During midterms and exams, this can be especially helpful. So make time, and come out! It’ll be to the benefit of our community, and each of us as individuals.


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