Discussion Series

The Discussion Series is a bi-weekly initiative that provides a platform of discourse for the Muslim body on campus and the community at-large to discuss issues and topics that are relevant to Muslim youth. Every year, the Discussion Series takes on an umbrella theme for the series. This year our theme is “Dilemmas of a Western Muslim,” where we tackle a specific issue per discussion.

The Discussion series are open roundtable discussions completely run by students. We pool in our intellectual resources as we try to figure out solutions to the issues being discussed.

Follow the MSA's Facebook page to find out when and where those discussions will be held.

If you have an idea, suggestion, and/or topic that you’d like, pitch it our way! We’d be more than happy to speak to you about it!

Discussion Series Directors:
Munema Moiz – mmoiz@uwo.ca
Hamad Siddiqui – hsiddi24@uwo.ca

2017/18 Discussion Series

2016/17 Discussion Series